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An Illusion of Well-being

It is natural to seek attachment to what offers us safety and comfort. It is an innate and instinctual drive that we know from the moment we arrive into this life. In addiction, however, that instinct becomes hardwired to the drug of addiction. That hardwiring is at the root of cravings. It controls the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of an addict.
Opiates convince us that they are essential to our survival just as our instincts convinced us that, as newborns, others were. As infants, we knew to cry for help without being taught to do so. The attention of others was essential to our survival and so our attachment saved our lives. It is at this level of need that opiate addiction settles into our lives. It convinces us that we have to continue to use in order to survive. We fear withdrawal with the intensity of a child’s abandonment fear. It is another illusion of addiction. We can let go; we can be grateful for the leave-taking of opiates from our bodies, and we can fully recover.


The benefits for your company to work with me will be less loss of work days, better work performance. Lower insurance co-pays due to added illnesses from Opioid prescription pills. Employees will come to work with less stress from doing Yoga........and meditating. I believe my life experiences of the last 24yrs taking Opioids prescribed by Surgeons & Dr.s give me the understanding. Using the skills I've acquired since age 27 in the healing industry gives me the knowledge, healing myself shows they work. Discovering and learning new techniques. My constantly reading about and trying new advancements in the field using natural products is of great value. I hold Yoga, Pranayama Breath Work, Meditation & Reiki Certificates. I have taken Pro-eft and Energy Classes along with many other healing classes.



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