Our Vision

To provide a non-medical detox. Detoxing from Opioid drugs is tough and I know it. I've been through it!
Compassion applied to years of experience with tried and true techniques, while also implementing cutting-edge technology and information.
To provide our clients with compassion and the skills to attain lasting recovery.

My Approach

In 2016 I felt the need to share what I had done to release the addiction of Opioids. After taking several online classes and being told the class was not marketable. I put it on the back burner. Fast forward to 2017. The opioid epidemic is all over the news, asking the new administration what are you going to do about it. I've been through it. Using from surgery and car accidents for years. The biggest struggle I had with Opioids was being addicted to the euphoric feeling even while having pain in the body. Pills cause a lot of other issues: Bad memory, Feeling tired all the time, Immune system very low, rehapFeeling happy while in pain, Not being in reality.
Immune system very low. I have been through this myself and being a Yoga and EFT instructor I feel I am more than qualified to teach this class.
Talking with people on their previous attempt rehab has taught me. The Opioid addiction needs to be handled with whole body/mind to get relief.
Detoxing via colon cleaning , sweating, doing yoga twice daily, eating clean, detoxing mind, eft to clear body issues, taking supplements to rebuild the body. This is what I did I know it works.


My Story

In 2010 I had to have meniscus surgery again. I could not afford insurance at the time and had to get medicaid. I had to wait for over a month for surgery. As a result of pain even with Opioids, I decided to use all the healing classes I had taken along with Yoga. After surgery detoxing to get the Opioids out of my system. I understand the attachment to the comfort, security, and embrace of an opiate. I understand the deep craving for pain relief on many levels. I know the depth of the transformational healing needed. I am equipped to embrace the body mind & spirit, of total person you are and guide you safely to that healing. I have 750 Hrs as a Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, a form of Energy Healing.

 I  took my first yoga class age 33 Ashtanga Yoga Sri K. Attaché Jois style, I fell in love. This style of yoga combines heat with strength and flexibility movements. I took Reiki a form of energy healing and other healing classes starting at age 27. I took my Reiki Masters class at the end of February 2016. Going to Rishikesh, India to take advanced yoga teachers training starting in Nov 2015.

I discovered Pranayama Breathwork to be a 100xs more powerful for anti-aging than yoga. The combination of yoga, pranayama breathing & meditation is a natural way to stay healthy and fit in mind, body, and spirit. I took Pro-EFT and have been using that healing modality with Reiki for any injuries I’ve sustained. My mission is to teach everything I’ve learned to those who are in of need regaining their health, vitality, and relief from stress.

Next Steps...

If you or someone you love is struggling with life, due to Opioid addiction. Take the next steps call 408-438-6571 or click button.

Disclaimer I am not a medical Doctor.