12 week online course

Detox your body and mind regaining your health

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The course

6 Three hour classes once a week.

6 One and Half hour maintenance classes once a week.

Each class will build on the skills learned in the previous class,

The course

On top of the lessons, you also get:

- Access to a private Facebook group, where you can connect with fellow students

- An email “hotline” to submit your questions and send feedback to me

Included in the program will be an evening healing meditation. The program will include the needed detox supplies, vitamins, and supplements. The benefits for companies will be better work performance. Less loss of work days. Lower insurance co-pays due to added illnesses from pain pills. Employees will come to work with less stress from doing Yoga........and meditating.

EFT points

The course

Lesson One - [Intro/Yoga]

Lesson Two - [Emotional Freedom Tapping]

Lesson Three - [Detoxing]

Lesson Four - [Pranayama Breath Work]

Lesson Five - [Meditation]

Lesson Six - [Reflexology/Staying connected]

Lesson Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve -[Maintenance]

The course

In the course you will also learn massage as part of your self care. Energy exercises to keep your body healthy while you detox. Below are Energy exercises for you immune system and memory.

Foot Reflexology

Next Steps...

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